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IPI CEO’s Message

It is our pleasure to introduce our IPI’s profile to all interested to cope and change their industry and business approach to match and capitalize in the Artificial Intelligence err. Our services are focused in the new both government and private sectors targets of the new energy sources, performance enhancements, knowledge-oriented business and mutual interest cooperation.

We believe in the coordination of the relevant involved parties services and needs for the win-win out come. This is by identifying the sound players of partners and customers that meet each others interest and objectives in the field of studies, consultation means. This related to various processings, facilities, data, systems, skills and programs both technically and Management wise.

IPI does represent and deal with involved in the petroleum, power, transportation, manufacture, technology and sustainability sectors. Our relationship is based on professionalism, communication, trust and satisfaction for all.

Hasan Ahmad Almarzooqi

Industrial Processing Intelligence refers to the use of advanced technologies and data analytics to optimize and automate industrial processes, improving efficiency, productivity, and decision-making in manufacturing and other industries.

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